New Year, New Decade, New Look

Happy New Year!

You know that saying about out with the old? Well, Literacy Partners has been getting a makeover. Sure, we’re stepping into 2020 with a fresh new look, but we want to make sure you know that our commitment to excellence in all that we do remains the same.

Actually, this has been a great opportunity for me to revisit why I started Literacy Partners back in 2011. My vision for this year and beyond is even stronger than before.

Literacy Partners began as little more than a dream and a belief that balanced literacy has the power to affect the world in a truly impactful way. I knew in my heart that my purpose was -and still is- to serve as your partner, and your rock — amazing and often under-appreciated teachers, administrators, and literacy coaches that have the drive and responsibility to create inspired young leaders, readers, and writers in your classrooms year after year.

Having worked as an educator myself for more than 20 years, I understand the unique challenges and struggles in achieving such a big goal. I set out to use my experience and insight to help you, the unsung hero, reach your full potential as educators- and to realize your vision for your kids and classrooms.

Your success is my success. And it’s been a deeply rewarding adventure.

With almost a decade of service and success, we consider you part of the Literacy Partners family. We’ve grown as a company, but even better, is having a front-row seat to the quantifiable growth of the teachers and schools we’ve had the privilege to work with. What started out as one woman serving a handful of LAUSD schools, has evolved into a staff of five serving a handful of districts.

We felt it was a great time to step back, reflect, and recalibrate, and a new look is just one part of how we’re jumping into 2020. Today, we feel an undeniable sense of clarity. Clarity of purpose, and clarity in mission and value. Restating this vision gives me chills — more so today than it did in 2011.

Our mission: Create the most vibrant, successful schools by helping each teacher and student reach their potential. We’re inspiring engaged learners through innovative teaching.

Every school is unique, and the new colors and logo we have represent more than just our vision. It represents you.

It is our intention to reflect this sense of diversity, inclusivity, and partnership in our revamped aesthetic. That is, after all — the heart and strength of California school systems.

We’re sharing some exclusive behind the scenes peeks into our new colors, logo, and staff in our weekly email. Are you on the list?

Now that we’ve had our makeover, we’ll also be sharing more lessons, information, and a real-life peek into the work we’re doing with educators. Say hello on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!

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