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You went into this profession because of your passion for education. That’s why we went into teaching too.

Teaching is constantly evolving. That’s part of what makes it so exciting. It’s important to keep honing your skills so you can stay up to date on the best teaching methods.

We know you work hard. We also understand how overwhelming it can be to try to meet the needs of every student in your class.

You’ve dedicated your whole career to education. We see you buying supplies and working until late in the evening to refine your lessons.

  • You know education has changed and you feel the responsibility of being  everything to everybody, but it’s leaving you spread too thin.
  • You feel the immense pressure to get your kids up to grade level even when some are multiple grade levels behind.
  • At the same time, you’re tasked with making sure the kids who are above grade level continue to excel.
refine your lessons

What they’re saying…

You wouldn’t want a surgeon using methods from 30 years ago removing your appendix.

And you wouldn’t want to be the teacher using 30 year old teaching methods or programs at your school.

While you know it’s important to continue your professional development, you may not have the time or energy.

Since you’re on the frontline of education, it matters more than ever for you to be able to differentiate your teaching to meet the needs of each and every student.

You deserve the best resources to help you build more engaging and independent learning experiences in your classroom.

on the frontline of education

Hear what Teachers are saying…

It’s time for a fresh, innovative approach.

Choose the professional development that will boost your confidence and improve your students’ literacy education.

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meet the needs of each and every student