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Your partners in literacy

Work With Us

Your partners in literacy

You want to be known as the best school in your district. There’s just one problem — your teachers are discouraged and desperate. How do you help students who are falling behind and struggling to keep up with reading and writing at their grade level?

Or maybe you’re already leading a high-performing school and you want to become even better. You know that to stay at the cutting edge of education, you need to be child-centered and innovative.

We know how to turn your school around.

Hello! I’m Dahlia Dallal, the founding director of Literacy Partners, a boutique educational consulting firm that uses innovative practices for professional development in literacy. Read more about me here.

We work side-by-side with educators to help them incorporate a workshop approach to teaching. This method helps them cultivate more engaged students who love reading and writing.

By focusing on what kids want to learn, we create more independent students who become stronger readers, writers, and creative thinkers.

Professional development is one of the most effective ways to improve schools.


We work with teachers and school administrators in Southern California who either want to become model schools or are challenged with students who are reading and writing below grade level. Their students may be falling behind, or are being pushed through a grade system before they’re ready. 

While we mainly work with those in Southern California, we’re expanding across the state.

They’re ready to try innovative and engaging teaching methods because when kids have the choice and feel empowered, they get excited about learning — and it’s that excitement which leads to kids wanting to pick up another book and to keep writing.

What administrators and teachers really want is to rediscover their love for teaching and learning — the whole reason they went into this career to begin with.

Learning is a life-long journey.


Working side-by-side using innovative, proven methods, we help schools go from struggling to successful and from good to great. And even better, when a school nurtures happy and more engaged students and teachers, other schools have a real-life role model to follow.

Every school is unique, so you get a custom approach to fit your school’s needs. There’s nothing we love more than sitting down side-by-side with teachers and administrators and helping them to become confident and joyful educators.

Our clients are thrilled when they step into their classrooms and see kids having fun while they’re reading, writing, and learning independently.

We help our clients transform their schools into places of learning and possibility as they nurture the next generation of empowered students.

We want to create a world with classrooms full of cozy nooks, beanbag chairs, gathering areas, and colorful bulletin boards filled with a unique collage of student work.

You too? Here’s how we can work together.

A great opportunity to give your staff a crash course training in reading or writing. Your staff will learn the philosophy of workshop teaching, and they’ll walk away understanding the parts of the workshop. Teachers will put themselves in their students’ shoes and learn by doing, workshop-style in an adult reading or writing workshop. They’ll be able to put what they learn into practice right away!
One model classroom is chosen for each grade level involved. Teachers visit this “labsite classroom” to watch demonstrations and then practice their teaching with their consultant’s support. Generally, the labsite is between 45 minutes and 1 hour, and the debriefing/planning session is between 30 and 45 minutes. Before the labsite session, our staff developers set up the teachers for what they’ll watch or work on. After the labsite session, teachers have time to debrief and ask questions.
Teachers will spend at least 90 minutes working directly with the consultant and to plan an upcoming unit of study for reading or writing or create a scope in sequence for their school year. The teachers meet with their consultant in grade-level teams and design these units using the Common Core State Standards and their unit of study kits. During this time, teachers set goals for their units, plan teaching points, develop charts, gather resources, and plan celebrations. Planning sessions can also be used to study student work or data or even to plan a specific component of balanced literacy.

On a predetermined schedule, your consultant will visit with each classroom teacher during their workshop time. Teachers will get personalized feedback and coaching. Individualized attention helps teachers receive the specific level of support they need and meet their own professional goals.

During these days your consultant will conduct learning walks/instructional rounds with administrators and literacy coaches, giving teachers helpful feedback in specific areas. By doing this, your consultant is able to support your leadership team in finding patterns of strength and patterns of need. In addition, your consultant may sit with the administrative team to look at student data: such as writing folders and/or notebooks, or running records and reading levels for each classroom.
Tailored to your school’s individual needs — Your school decides on a focus topic and your entire staff will attend a presentation on that topic. Topics range from planning effective mini-lessons that address the Common Core State Standards, conferring with writers and propelling them towards independence, building a curriculum for writing partnerships, a unit of study in reading or writing and many more.

This can happen on a staff PD day, during Bank Time Sessions on shortened school days, or on a Saturday. This is a great way to develop consistency as a school and create dialogue across grade levels. This is also a wonderful time for teachers to do vertical planning with the consultant’s support. A workshop day can be geared towards one grade level, all the primary grades, all the upper grades, or the entire staff.

This is typically done on a Bank Time Tuesday when students leave early, right before or after the school year begins or on a Saturday. Similar to workshop days, the consultant tailors their presentation to your teachers’ needs. This is a great way to develop consistency as a school and to create a dialogue across grade levels. This is also an excellent time for teachers to do vertical planning.

Many schools are excited at the prospect of including parents in their professional development. We tailor parent workshops to fit your parent population. During these workshops, parents learn about workshop teaching and how this approach to teaching reading and writing differs from how they learned. They’ll also explore ways to support their young readers and writers at home and help them continue to be independent. Some schools choose to have their parent group work with the consultant on developing their own reading and writing skills. We offer them reading and writing workshops (just as we do for teachers and kids).

Our packages begin at 10 days. Here’s a sample of what packages include.

We’ll work with you to customize a plan based on your school’s unique vision and goals.

Here are the steps for getting started at your school:

STEP 1   Book a free 30-minute consult call with us by clicking here.

STEP 2   At the time of our call, we’ll discuss your school’s vision and goals for the year. From there, you’ll get a customized proposal delivered to your inbox.

STEP 3   Give this proposal to your SAA or financial specialist to create a purchase order for the services.

STEP 4   We’ll set up a video call with you, your assigned staff developer, and Dahlia to schedule your sessions and make your plan for the year.

“Literacy Partners is more than just the gold standard of professional development; it’s by far the best investment you can make for your school community. We’ve worked with Dahlia, the founder of Literacy Partners for four years, and the change in my teacher’s pedagogical approach with reading and writing has been deeply and permanently transformational. 

The work our students are producing is nothing short of astonishing. If professional development like this could be in every school, we’d see a massive transformation.”

– Don Wilson
Superintendent of Vista Charter Schools
Former Principal of Wonderland Avenue School, LAUSD

“The coaching and support we received in the writer’s workshop made a great impact on student achievement. On the ELA portion of the CAASPP, we went from 84% of the students meeting/exceeding the standards in 2016-2017 to 92% of the students meeting/exceeding the standards in 2017-2018.

Partnering with Literacy Partners to support our implementation of the writer’s workshop model was one of the best decisions we’ve made for our school.

– Dr. Amy Alzina
Superintendent & Principal of Cold Spring School District

“After working closely with Literacy Partners for the last three years, we’ve improved our instruction and implemented Reading and Writing Workshop — we’re elated to report a 15% growth on our school-wide ELA CAASP scores.

Dahlia and her team are diligent and passionate, and we appreciate how they pushed us to revamp our instructional practices and create locations where students work their hardest. As a Title One School with 100% Free and Reduced Lunch and over 50% ELL’s, they helped us excel academically and now students are college-bound with amazing foundations.”

-Casie Killgore
Principal of Franklin Elementary School, Santa Barbara Unified School District

“In a relatively short time, our teachers’ instruction abilities have made great strides, and our kids’ reading and writing skills have grown. The Literacy Partners team takes good care of us, and they really get to know every teacher and their needs.”

-Collin Felch
Principal of Vista Global Academy & Vista Heritage Global Academy

“Before the middle school team launched their reading and writing workshops, we reviewed data from our sister elementary school and saw the proof — it’s working!

We signed up for ourselves and are thrilled with the results. After just one year, students who were LTEL’s were reclassified. And the students who had been struggling with English for their entire lives were now reading, speaking, and writing — not just competently or fluently, but beautifully. Even better, the kids were full of joy and we all know we can’t force a love of reading.”

-Carolyn Brown
Teacher at Vista Heritage Global Academy

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