Custom Institutes

Customize a reading or writing institute experience at your school.

Custom Institutes

Customize a reading or writing institute experience at your school.

Why create a custom institute for your school:

Institutes are a great way to build knowledge around both content and methods. You’ll spend up to five consecutive days with an experienced Literacy Partners Team member or staff developer giving you an opportunity to go deeper into certain areas.

We plan all of our institutes with the participant in mind and they offer opportunities to watch demonstrations, practice, and get personal feedback from our seasoned staff developers.

Custom institutes bring cohesivity, collaboration, community, connection, and camaraderie to your school.

“After attending the reading and writing institutes, my mind was exploding with possibilities! I went into the new school year ecstatic and excited to implement reading and writing workshop in the classroom. Every single one of my kids finished the school year cheerfully declaring, ‘I’m a reader!’”

– Amy Trevino
Teacher at Elysian Heights Elementary School

Here’s why administrators and districts love custom institutes:

  • We bring the institute to your school so all teachers can attend — or we can gather on Zoom for more flexibility.
  • It’s a great community builder for your staff members when everyone is excited and moving towards a common goal.
  • The experience is completely tailored to your school or district’s exact needs, goals, and vision.
  • The hands-on and interactive format deepens understanding.
  • It takes all the guesswork out of what you should be doing so you can implement quickly.
  • We’ll tailor your institute to meet your staff where they are with beginning or advanced sessions.

Here’s a look at how an institute might work for your school or district:

Custom Institutes




Beginner Sessions 
A beginning educator will learn the nuts and bolts of running a successful reading or writing workshop.

They’ll also learn the parts of the workshop and dig deeper into the components of balanced literacy that will support their reading or writing workshop. It will feel as if they’re in their kids’ shoes as they experience reading or writing workshop firsthand and work on their own adult reading or writing.

Participants will also learn how to craft clear and explicit teaching points, develop strong mini-lessons, and confer with individuals and groups of students. They’ll also learn strategies for the various genres addressed in the Common Core State Standards in both reading and writing.

“I feel empowered and educated to roll out this program for my first time!”

– Brooke Fink, Warner Elementary

Reading & Writing Institutes




Advanced Sessions for Experienced Teachers or Specific Focus 
An advanced educator will delve into a more sophisticated topic that pushes them to even stronger implementation. For every institute we customize for your school, we refresh the topics so teachers can attend year after year.

Participants will leave feeling ready to go deeper into one area.

You’ll choose an area of focus for your school, district, or an advanced group of teachers. Check out some possibilities:

  • Supporting students’ individual needs through one-on-one conferences
  • See faster progress with small group work inside your reading or writing workshop
  • Using the components of balanced literacy to support your reading and writing workshop
  • Building a conferring toolkit in reading or writing
  • Building a curriculum of inclusive interactive read alouds across the school year

    and so many more!

“I can add to my teacher resources and continue to make my teaching better when doing shared reading and conferencing.”

– Julie Ortiz, Ivanhoe Elementary

Here are the steps for getting started with a custom institute at your school:

STEP 1   Book a free 30-minute Zoom call with us by clicking here.

STEP 2   At the time of our Zoom call, we’ll discuss your school’s vision and goals for the institute. From there, you’ll get a customized proposal or contract delivered to your inbox.

STEP 3   Once you approve the proposal or contract, you’ll send it to your SAA or financial specialist to create a purchase order for the services.

STEP 4   Once the above steps are all set, we’ll set up a Zoom call with you, your assigned staff developer(s), and Dahlia to schedule your sessions and customize the plan for your institute.

“I’m telling my whole school to come to these reading institutes. I love that it’s focused on so much more than reading — the institute focuses on the whole teacher, mindset, and the community. It completely reignites my fire for teaching!”

– Arlene Gutierrez, Teacher at Multnomah Street Elementary School

“I love Literacy Partners. Everyone is so warm and full of knowledge. There’s so much to take away every time I attend any of the institutes.”

– Julie Ortiz, Ivanhoe Elementary

“I like the interactiveness of these sessions — it kept me engaged.”

– Collin Roger Felch, Vista Condor and Vista Heritage

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