Literacy Partners



Would you want a surgeon using methods from 30 years ago removing your appendix?

No, of course not.

And yet, teachers are still feeling lost as they work to adopt more effective practices aligned to the Science of Reading.

It’s no secret education has changed.

What used to create success in classrooms is now outdated.

Truth: If we keep doing things the same way, we get the same results.

Burned out teachers

● Stagnant test scores

● Disengaged students

Your teachers deserve the best tools and resources to help them build more engaging and independent learning experiences in their classrooms.

Hear more about the Literacy Partners’ difference…

At Literacy Partners, we teach teachers how to teach — for today’s learners.

What they’re saying…

It’s time for a fresh, innovative approach.

Choose the professional development that will boost your staff’s confidence and improve your students’ literacy education.


Multi-Day Event At Your School or District

  • Provide teachers with the necessary, uninterrupted time to collaborate, create, and launch successful units
  • Learn how to develop curriculum that supports all students- from your most emerging to most proficient
  • Increase teachers’ confidence and morale so they feel excited to get started

Custom Professional Development Packages

On-Site Support For Teachers All Year

  • Discover new ways to boost teachers’ morale and confidence in literacy instruction
  • Improve literacy and student test scores
  • Cultivate kids’ love of reading and writing while creating thriving, lifelong learners


Reading Institute Recorded Workshop for Administrators, Lead Teachers, and Literacy Coaches

  • Increase your administrative leadership skills to navigate the many challenges of your school/district
  • Learn different ways to provide feedback to teachers, grade level teams and your whole staff so that all feel supported
  • Build content knowledge that helps you support teachers and students at all grade levels


students who are happier