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Our Top 10 Read Aloud Picks To Add To Your Library

I was supporting a school last month and had a chance to attend their book fair. A rush of nostalgia and excitement hit me all at once … THE BOOKS!!! 

Finding great titles to read to your students can be thrilling, but also… overwhelming. To help you out, we’ve pulled together a list of our favorite read alouds to add to your 2024-2025 school year wishlist.  

Here Are Our Top 10 Read Aloud Picks To Add To Your Library:

Last Stop On Market Street

Summary: Matt de la Peña tells the story of a young boy and his nana’s afternoon journey on the city bus as he discovers beauty within his community. Christian Robinson’s gorgeous illustrations help bring this heartwarming tale to life. 

Age Level: This book would be a great addition to any grade level’s library.

Read Aloud Skills: Retell, comparing and contrasting characters, envisioning, identifying character traits, understanding figurative language, text-to-self connections

Writing Craft Moves: Sensory details, starting a story in the action, dialogue, using similes and metaphors, developing character internal traits 

A Big Mooncake For Little Star

Summary: Grace Lin’s whimsical story about a mother and her mischievous daughter who can’t seem to stop taking nibbles of the moon in the sky. 

Age Level: TK to 5th Grade 

Read Aloud Skills: Making predictions, character motivation, retelling and story sequencing, figurative language, reader’s theater  

Writing Craft Moves: Character feelings, onomatopoeia, temporal language, using dialogue as a sense of closure, developing a folktale. 

The Snowy Day

Summary: In Ezra Jack Keats’ classic story, Peter spends an entire day playing in the snow before returning home. 

Age Level: TK to 5th Grade 

Read Aloud Skills: Retell, cause and effect, making predictions, character feelings, problem/solutions 

Writing Craft Moves: Temporal words, onomatopoeia, internal thinking, sensory details,  zooming into a moment  a small moment

My Papi Has a Motorcycle (Mi papi tiene una moto)

Summary: Isabel Quintero tells the story of Daisy’s adventures with her father driving around on his motorcycle. She discovers the beauty in her neighbors and community as they drive around. This book is published in both English and Spanish. 

Age Level: TK and Higher

Read Aloud Skills: Retell, tracking character feelings, character motivation, theme, figurative language, zoomed-in pictures  

Writing Craft Moves: Sensory details, internal thinking, dialogue, word choice, onomatopoeia, speech bubbles, repetition of certain words.


Summary: Andrea Wang crafts a beautiful story to show the power of family, creating memories, and learning to accept your identity. 

Age Level: 1st Grade and Higher

Read Aloud Skills: Character motivation, character change over time, lessons learned, character traits, theme

Writing Craft Moves: Showing and not telling, sensory details, internal thinking, lesson learned, flashback/flash forward

Troublemakers in Trousers: Women and What They Wore to Get Things Done

Summary: Sarah Albee highlights 21 trailblazing women who, for many different reasons, wore men’s clothing, pretended to be men, and broke the rules in order to do something they wanted—or needed—to do.

Age Level:  Fourth Grade and Higher 

Read Aloud Skills: Text-to-self connections, compare and contrast, uncovering bias, author’s point of view, evaluating claims 

Writing Craft Moves: Theme, supporting claims with logical reasoning, researching and gathering facts, drawing conclusions and determining importance

One of A Kind, Like Me / Único como yo

Summary: Laurin Mayeno’s story developed a story about unconditional love and the beauty of being your true self. It’s a book that lifts up readers who don’t fit gender stereotypes and highlights the power of a loving and supportive community.

Age Level:  TK to 5th Grade 

Read Aloud Skills: Character feelings, character motivation, text-to-self connections, point of view

Writing Craft Moves: Dialogue, developing character traits, character feelings 

I Am A Very Good Think

Summary: Derek Barnes takes his readers on an empowering journey that encourages them to celebrate everything about themselves: big, small, shiny, or dark. 

Age Level: Any 

Read Aloud Skills: Text-to-self connections, text-to-world connections, character feelings, character motivation, figurative language

Writing Craft Moves: Detailed illustrations, Alliteration, sensory details, repetition, stretching out words for effect, metaphors, similes, onomatopoeia  

Fauja Singh Keeps Going: The True Story of the Oldest Person to Ever Run a Marathon

Summary: Simran Jeet Singh tells the true story of Fauja Singh and his quest to be the oldest person to ever run a marathon. 

Age Level: TK and up 

Read Aloud Skills: Character motivation, text-to-self connections, lessons learned, text-to-world connections, retelling, character traits  

Writing Craft Moves: Transition words, internal and external character traits, repetition, precise language, providing examples, character dialogue

Introducing Teddy: A Gentle Story About Gender And Friendship

Summary: Jessica Walton introduces readers to understanding gender identity and transition in an accessible and heart-warming story about being true to yourself and being a good friend. 

Age Level: TK to 5th Grade

Read Aloud Skills: Comparing characters, character feelings, character motivations, text-to-self connections, making predictions, lessons learned  

Writing Craft Moves: Character dialogue, precise language, contractions, transition words, stretching out a small moment 

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