It’s Time to Celebrate

Written by Vivian Chen, Staff Developer, Literacy Partners.

Recently, my friends’ daughter graduated from college. I got a text inviting me to a surprise graduation car parade for her.

I didn’t want to go.

That would mean putting on real clothes, doing my hair and makeup, and getting in the car.

After being hunkered down for all these weeks, I wasn’t motivated at all and certainly didn’t feel like celebrating anything.

It felt like an obligation, but I went anyway.

And I’m so glad I did.

To see the graduate’s face beaming as her family and friends drove by and to see the smiles of everyone involved, lifted my spirits more than I imagined.

During difficult times, it‘s important we take time to celebrate. 

Celebrations help us feel connected and bring us moments of joy that are so needed right now. For our readers and writers at home, celebrating their work can also help motivate them and keep them engaged. Why not celebrate the things they’re doing right now instead of waiting until the very last week of school?

What can we celebrate in Reading?

What can we celebrate in Writing?

Here are some ways to celebrate reading:

  • Teach kids to give book buzzes, recommending their favorite books to classmates. Post them on SeeSaw or Flipgrid or whatever platform you’re using.
  • Host a lunch or snack time when kids can share pictures or talk about their favorite characters on Zoom or Google Meet.
  • Post a slideshow of readers reading in their just right spots or with their stack of books they’ve read. #shelfie

Here are some ways to celebrate writing:

  • Students can post writing on Padlet or another platform where classmates can give each other appreciation feedback.
  • Have writers take pictures of signs or posters they’ve written (K-2) and post a slideshow.
  • Celebrate writing notebook pages (3-8) by posting their favorite ones on Padlet or Google classroom.

Whatever you do, just remember that you don’t need to wait until the end of a unit or the end of the year to celebrate. Take time to celebrate the process, not just the product.

It might not be good times, but Kool & the Gang were right, “Let’s all celebrate and have a good time!”

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