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Join us at an institute

Institutes are a great way to build knowledge around both content and methods. You’ll spend three or four consecutive days with an experienced mentor which will give you an opportunity to go deeper into these areas. We plan all of our institutes with the participant in mind. They offer opportunities to watch demonstrations, practice, and get personal feedback from our seasoned staff developers.
Here’s how we can work together:
Reading & Writing Institutes




These institutes are designed for all educators (teachers, administrators, coaches) who want to get a stronger understanding of the reading or writing workshop and the components of balanced literacy. Beginning participants will learn the nuts and bolts of running a successful reading or writing workshop. Advanced participants will delve into a more sophisticated topic that pushes them to even stronger implementation. Each year, we refresh the topics so teachers can attend year after year.

During this four day institute, beginning participants learn the parts of the workshop and dig deeper into the components of balanced literacy that will support their reading or writing workshop. It will feel as if they’re in their kids’ shoes as they experience reading or writing workshop firsthand and work on their own adult reading or writing. Participants learn how to craft clear and explicit teaching points, develop strong mini lessons, and also confer with individuals and groups of students. They will also learn strategies for the various genres addressed in the Common Core State Standards in both reading and writing.

Participants will leave feeling ready to launch their reading or writing workshop or go deeper into one area (if they attended an advanced session). They’ll feel more confident in delivering clear teaching points in mini lessons, conferences and small group work. They will also strenghten their content knowledge of the different genres/units students will be engaged in during reading or writing workshop.

Leadership & Coaching Institutes




These institutes are designed for superintendents, administrators, literacy coaches, and lead teachers who want to become even more successful in spearheading this work.

During this three day institute, participants learn how to give supportive yet honest feedback, provide coaching tips when watching a teacher approximate this work, and look for patterns and lines of growth across an entire school or district.

Participants will leave feeling more confident in supporting teachers in their school or district when visiting them in their classrooms, when working with them in their grade level teams, and when working with an entire staff or district. They’ll feel better equipped to model lessons, use coaching moves when working with individual teachers or groups of teachers and lead their school or district towards richer implementation of this work.

Custom Institutes




If your school is outside of the LA area, we can create a custom institute on your campus — this way, all of your teachers can attend. In a custom session, we’re able to tailor the professional development to that school or district’s specific needs.

These institutes can be 3-5 days long and can include beginning sessions for teachers new to this work and advanced sessions for more experienced teachers or folks who want to focus on one specific area, method of teaching, or part of the workshop. Contact us to learn more about how you can schedule one at your school or district!

“After attending the reading and writing institutes, my mind was exploding with possibilities! I went into the new school year ecstatic and excited to implement reading and writing workshop in the classroom. Every single one of my kids finished the school year cheerfully declaring, ‘I’m a reader!’”

– Amy Trevino
Teacher at Elysian Heights Elementary School

“I’m telling my whole school to come to these reading institutes. I love that it’s focused on so much more than reading — the institute focuses on the whole teacher, mindset, and the community. It completely reignites my fire for teaching!”

– Arlene Gutierrez
Teacher at Multnomah Street Elementary School

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