Essential Summer Reading for Educators

Summer break is almost here!

Whether your long-awaited summer vacation has already started or you’re getting ready to put your feet up, we feel your excitement.

With all the lessons and challenges from the last school are fading away, we’re sure it must be a huge relief to have some time to fully recharge and come back renewed this Fall.

Hopefully, you’ll find some time to rest, restore, play, and do some things that bring you JOY.

You know we at Literacy Partners love a good book (or a stack of books). And with a big stretch of time off this summer, why not delve into some tried and true options we’ve already devoured?

That’s right — we’re back to share some of the book titles we’ve enjoyed recently that we think you’ll enjoy as well.

Watch this short video from Vivian for some fun and educational fiction, as well as professional book picks.

Vivian’s recommendations:

Enjoy your summer vacation and catching up on all those books you’ve been waiting to read.

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