Launching the Year with Virtual Instruction in Reading and Writing

Fast-track your way to confidence in the classroom with virtual instruction. 

While the idea of distance learning wasn’t even a thing last fall — this year is different.

You had more questions than answers this fall.

When it comes to distance learning, discover the skills and knowledge you need to succeed with virtual instruction this year.

Imagine implementing reading and writing workshop virtually. It’s never felt more manageable. And the best part — is seeing the smiles on kids’ faces on your screen.

The Quick-Start Program: Launching the Year with Virtual Instruction in Reading and Writing is a self-paced, online video series to help you go from confused to confident in the virtual classroom.

After watching this video series, you’ll have:

  • A clear picture of the pillars of workshop teaching in a virtual setting
  • Everything you need to plan an effective writing unit and a reading unit
  • Ready-to-go videos you can show to your kids or use for inspiration to make them your own
  • The confidence to deliver engaging and effective lessons both live and asynchronously
  • The clarity to facilitate conferring and small group work
  • What you need to give virtual feedback to writers, readers, and supporting caregivers
  • An understanding of the components of balanced literacy like read alouds, shared reading, and shared writing.

Best of all, you’ll be a part of making learning at home feel fun and easy for students.

Here’s what you get

20 ready-to-go videos

10 for reading and 10 for writing. Take these and use them as-is or let them inspire your own.

5 Hours of Video Content Showing you Expert Teaching Tools

Top tools and tips to run the year quickly and efficiently.

You get everything at once so you can dive right in.

Access for the year

You’ll have access to the videos for a whole year. Rewatch anytime at your own pace.

Monthly Office Hours
Join other educators and get answers to your questions and support navigating current challenges.

Third Thursday each month from 3:30-4:30 pm Pacific Time.

The Quick-Start Program: Launching the Year with Virtual Instruction in Reading and Writing is for you if you are:

  • A teacher who’s using (or wants to use) a reading and writing workshop approach

And you’re a…

  • Classroom Teacher (grades K-8)
  • Support Staff Person
  • Literacy Coach

Take a look at the videos you’ll find inside:

Each video is specially designed to focus on virtual instruction.

Launching the Year With Reading

Launching With Virtual Instruction In Reading

46 min

Conducting Reading Assessments Virtually

37 min

Planning a Unit of Study in Reading for the Digital World

18 min

The Virtual Reading Workshop & Mini-Lessons

13 min

Small-Group Work in a Virtual Setting

Part 1: Using Read Alouds
22 min

Part 2: Using Shared Reading
16 min

Launching the Year With Writing 

Launching With Virtual Instruction In Writing

37 min

Conducting Writing Assessments Virtually

35 min

Planning a Unit of Study in Writing for the Digital World

30 min

The Virtual Writing Workshop & mini-lessons

16 min

Small-Group Work in a Virtual Setting

Part 1: Using Mentor Texts
12 min

Part 2: Using Shared Writing
21 min

 Finally, you’ll feel more confident leading the literacy work with your students during this challenging time.

Launching the Year with Virtual Instruction in Reading or Writing

Only want reading? Or only want writing?

You can purchase the one that’s right for you.

Select your option below and then you’ll choose your grade level. At checkout, you’ll see an option to add either the reading or writing option to your cart.

You’ll get instant access to the materials once you submit your information and payment.


Launching the Year with Virtual Instruction – Reading

Launching the Year with Virtual Instruction – Writing

Questions before you join? Email us at info@literacypartners.com

Reading Workshop Intensive For Bricks And Clicks

Go deeper into the workshop approach for in-person, remote- or hybrid teaching with this intensive video series.

Whether you want to incorporate a workshop approach to teaching reading or you’re already on your way, the new classroom environment presents some unique challenges.

If you’re an educator (anywhere in the world) who wants to create more engaged and independent learners who love to read, this is for you.

This course explores three ways of teaching:

  • Remotely
  • In-person
  • Hybrid

The next time you get in front of your classroom, you’ll feel:

  • Refreshed and ready to navigate any new challenges — you’ve totally got this!
  • Confident in using different digital platforms to engage kids
  • Inspired and ready to support kids in being engaged and independent in brick and mortar, hybrid, or fully remote

Reading Workshop For Bricks And Clicks is a self-paced video series with over 13 hours of reading workshop and keynote sessions.

Even if you’re physically back in the classroom or teaching in a hybrid model — we’ve all grown tremendously with teaching in this new digital age.

Research shows that kids will read more when they can read what they enjoy.

This is about more than encouraging kids to read. It’s about creating more kids who are readers — who see themselves as readers.

Kids who choose to read because they love it — not just because a teacher told them to.

You can learn from the comfort of your home, wherever you are!

This was a live, virtual workshop held in June 2020, and we’re excited to make this available to you to enjoy anytime.

Whether you’re a beginning or advanced participant, or Administrator, Literacy Coach, or Lead Teacher, there’s something for you.

Beginning participants will learn to:

  • Launch a reading workshop that fosters a love of reading in your students
  • Build routines and structures that promote independence and engagement
  • Integrate components of balanced literacy to promote the transfer of skills
  • Implement the Teachers College Reading Project units of study with confidence

Advanced participants will learn how to develop a Reading Toolkit & Delve Deeper Into Shared Reading and Interactive Read Aloud:

  • To use during mini-lessons, conferences and small group work so that you can support differentiation and meet ALL student’s needs
  • To give students more access to texts above their grade level so that they can increase their listening vocabulary and comprehension
  • To encourage the transfer of reading skills and strategies

Administrators / Literacy Coaches / Lead Teachers will study:

  • How to give teachers both on the spot and written feedback
  • Effective ways to lead learning walks
  • Ideas for supporting teachers with planning & analyzing student data
  • Methods for leading professional development during faculty meetings

What you’ll find inside

Inspiring Keynote Sessions 


Dahlia Dallal, The Founding Director of Literacy Partners discusses how we’ve been responding and will continue to proactively adjust our support for our partners during the pandemic. There are signs of hope all around us. We invite you to be the change and continue stepping up even in this difficult time. This time is one of opportunity, growth, and persistence.


Kate Roberts, Literary Consultant, Co-Author of DIY Literacy, and Author of A Novel Approach examines struggle — the differences between destructive and productive struggle, and shares tips on choosing productive struggle and then find steps towards growth. She also shared ideas for how to develop a progression for each skill we teach in reading.

Access to Monthly Office Hours

You’ll have access to join our monthly office hours for the 2020-21 school year — where all educators get answers to questions and support navigating current challenges.

Third Thursday each month from 3:30-4:30 pm Pacific Time. 

Investment: $475

You’ll have unlimited access to all videos for one year from the time of purchase.
Access Monthly Office Hours through June 2021.

“I feel empowered and educated to roll out this program for my first time!” – Brooke Fink, Warner Elementary

“The speakers were amazing and I learned so much.” – Michelle Christians, Valley Beth Shalom Day School

“I can add to my teacher resources and continue to make my teaching better when doing shared reading and conferencing.” – Julie Ortiz, Ivanhoe Elementary

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Launching the Year w/ Virtual Instruction in READING
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Virtual Administrator Leadership Group
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