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3 Simple Ways to Celebrate World Read Aloud Day

Let’s celebrate the read-aloud!

Tomorrow (February 3, 2021) is World Read Aloud Day! According to the founding organization, Lit World, millions of readers from over 170 countries celebrated the power of reading last year.

Reading aloud is such an important routine for teachers and caregivers to share with children of all ages. Not only does it help build reading skills and foster a love of reading, but it also strengthens community and relationships. My step-sons, who are both in their early 20s, still talk about how much they loved when their dad used to read aloud to them before bed. He did this all the way through their middle school years. Many of my former students who came back to visit me, would reminisce about their favorite read alouds. Whether you already do this every day, or this is your first time, taking time to celebrate (and practice) reading aloud is worth it.

Do you know how you’ll celebrate? If not, here’s the easiest way to do it: read aloud a book to your class or child.

Here are a few tips for a joyful and powerful read aloud at school or home:

1. Choose a book you and your children will love.
Choose one that celebrates and affirms the identities of your students or child, or helps them think about new cultures or different identities. Our founding director, Dahlia Dallal, recently wrote about the importance of inclusive read alouds in this blog post.

Here are a few great resources for learning more about diverse texts and where to find them:

We Need Diverse Books
Nerdy Book Club – This site isn’t specifically about diverse books, but has lots of recommendations.

2. Plan some places to stop, think, and talk about the book.
You might ask kids to make predictions about what will happen, think about how characters are feeling, or consider what the author’s message or the theme of the book might be.

3. Bring the DRAMA.
Bring the book you read to life by using expression and tone of voice. This is especially important when you’re reading to a group of students online.

Check out this clip of a read-aloud for a little inspiration:

We’d love to hear about your read-aloud celebration.

Reach out to share or if you need help getting started.

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