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Our primary writers can really benefit from having different paper choices.  These choices allow them to write in each genre using both pictures and words to tell their stories, teach and give their opinions.  We also feel like these paper choices can make writing easier for emerging writers and ELL students in the upper grades.  Feel free to try them instead of having your writers use their notebooks during writing workshop.  We’d love to hear if these students find these paper choices beneficial.  Here you will find paper choices for different units of study.  When deciding which to use, consider how many lines your students are filling up and how many sentences they are writing.  Each month of school they should be writing more which means adding new choices with more lines on the bottom and more pages!

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  • How To Paper
  • Informational Writing Paper
  • Letter Paper
  • Narrative Writing Paper
  • Persuasive review paper
  • Poetry Paper
  • Resources

    Literacy Partners is thrilled to share some of our resources with you. In this section you will find student writing samples by grade level, paper choices you can use with primary and emerging writers, some great book lists to support your reading and writing workshops, some of our best planning templates, publishers we would buy books from for our leveled libraries, and a list of some of our favorite professional books.
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    Check out scenes from the DVD of our Schoolwide Writing Celebrations.
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