Literacy Partners is not just the gold standard of professional development, it is by far the best investment that you can make for your school community. We have worked with Dahlia, the founder of Literacy Partners for four years and the change in my teacher’s pedagogical approach with reading and writing has been deeply, and perhaps even more important, permanently transformational. [expand title=”readmore”]The staff developers at Literacy Partners understand the importance of creating an environment of trust where teachers can take the risks needed to move practice forward and I have witnessed this over and over as my teachers try new strategies and techniques willingly in front of peers and administration. Still, the ultimate test of any service is whether student performance and achievement is moved forward.  The work our students are producing is nothing short of astonishing. We would transform all of education if professional development like that delivered by Literacy Partners could be in every school. Literacy Partners is best described in superlatives and I invite anyone to our school to see first hand what is possible when you invest in the best.[/expand]

Don Wilson, Director at ISIC Former Principal, Wonderland Avenue School

Great teachers like Donald Graves, Nancy Atwell, Brian Cambourne, Marie Clay, and Lucy Calkins have been my reading and writing instruction gurus for the past 20 years. I now count Dahlia Dallal, founder of Literacy Partners, as my guru too.  Simply put, Literacy Partners provides professional development that works. The accountability czars say the quality of any professional development must be measured by its impact on student achievement. Well, our students’ achievement has grown.  They read like writers and write like readers.  They publish brilliant pieces full of author’s craft and have voices that are compelling.  They live their lives like writers filling notebooks with ideas.

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It’s every administrators dream to see a school transformed into a community of learners where the adults model the way.  Our work with Literacy Partners was the most significant component of our transformation.  We started with a week-long seminar, jumped into in-class demonstrations, added one to one coaching, and then planning sessions. In the context of focused, ongoing, in-depth professional development, our staff became a team on a mission – to become a workshop based school – and with Literacy Partners we did.
The coaching doesn’t stop in the classroom.  Literacy Partners staff skillfully nudged the administration along too.  Our classroom observations are now focused, and like our conferring with students, our debriefs with teachers propel them forward too.
Literacy Partners provided me and my staff with the most comprehensive and impactful balanced literacy professional development and instructional/leadership support I’ve ever experienced.[/expand]

Michael Rosner
Gardner Street Elementary School

Literacy Partners is without a doubt a very professional and effective staff development organization.  Their professional development support for our school has been planned to meet the unique needs of our students and staff.
Through the identification of site needs assessments, a precise yearlong action plan and the delivery of first-rate professional development, Literacy Partners has enabled our staff to grow in their teaching of writing through the writer’s workshop model.

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The level of trust and effectiveness of the planning and delivery of mini-lessons, conferring and student school-wide writing celebrations can only be accomplished and developed when one works with a professional and caring staff development group such as Literacy Partners.
As our school develops the students’ skills necessary to meet the demands of the new Common Core Writing Standards, Pacific Blvd School will continue to work with Literacy Partners to develop and refine those effective writing skills necessary for our students to succeed.[/expand]

Gabriel Duran
Pacific Boulevard School

There is only one word to describe the impact Literacy Partners has had on the writing instruction at our school- transformational! Our partnership with Literacy Partners allowed our staff to learn about and begin the initial implementation of Writer’s Workshop.  The on-site support provided by Literacy Partners is an essential component of what sets them apart from other organizations.  Ms. Dahlia Dallal’s adept coaching techniques impacted the quality of instruction provided by the teacher and the quality of actionable feedback provided by the administrator. The lessons learned through our involvement with Literacy Partners have not only improved the quality of our writing instruction but more importantly, the quality of instruction.

Jumie Sugahara
Glassell Park Elementary School

It has been a true pleasure to work with such a knowledgeable and professional staff developer as Dahlia Dallal. She is extremely skilled at connecting with her audience, inspiring them to try new strategies and to reflect on their instructional practice. The sessions Literacy Partners has led have encouraged our staff to challenge their thinking about writing instruction and to evaluate how they can better meet the needs of our students. Teachers at our school have utilized their plethora of strategies and ideas and have begun to take ownership of their learning around Writing Workshop, meeting on their own to continue the learning that Literacy Partners has given them. Our work with Dahlia and her staff has moved us towards transforming the writing instruction at our school and we look forward to continuing to build our knowledge with them for years to come.

 Lisa Saldivar
Former Principal
7th Street Elementary School

Literacy Partners has been instrumental in leading the transformation of how our teachers teach writing. Their work with teachers and administrators has consistently been praised as invigorating, effective, and encouraging. Their content knowledge and expertise coupled with their enthusiastic and approachable presentation styles makes them an invaluable part of our area’s work to improve writing instruction. Teachers and administrators alike have appreciated Dahlia and her staff’s willingness to share their knowledge, strategies, and resources in a way that values what they already know and can contribute. They have shown the ability to meet the needs of all learners, inspiring those with little knowledge of Writing Workshop to begin the work and breathing new life into the instruction of those already utilizing the Writing Workshop philosophy in their classrooms.

Christine Cassidy
ESC South
Common Core Director

Working with Literacy Partners has been an amazing experience as a Principal.  Dahlia and her staff have been able to rejuvenate the excitement of teaching writing in all of my teachers. Now that the Common Core State Standards are here, Literacy Partners have prepared my teachers to meet the needs of all of my students.  Literacy Partners not only taught our teachers by presenting teaching strategies but also by modeling lessons in our classrooms with our own students.  I feel confident as a principal, that my teachers and students will meet the demands of the Common Core Standards English Language Arts.

Luis F. Montoya
Former Principal
Florence Avenue Elementary School

We all know that providing students with the opportunity to participate in daily writing is one of the most important foundational pieces to academic success and the attainment of Common Core State Standards (CCSS). As the Instructional Director of 15 schools in South Los Angeles, I recently contracted with Literacy Partners to provide Professional Development to over 400 teachers in grades K-5 to support our transition to Writer’s Workshop. Dahlia and the Literacy Partners team have been fantastic to work with and the feedback from the five workshops has been remarkable.

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As I travel from school to school, I have seen tremendous enthusiasm from teachers in setting up Writing Centers, conducting mini-lessons, holding one-on-one conferences and engaging students in independent writing to improve their writing proficiency.
I have truly enjoyed working with Literacy Partners and look forward to the team visiting teacher classrooms as follow-up to their powerful PD.  Working with Dahlia and Literacy Partners has truly improved the opportunity of over 8,000 students to participate in quality daily writing and receive exposure to a 21st century CCSS education.[/expand]

Chris Downing
ESC South

The training and ongoing support from Literacy Partners has transformed our school-wide literacy program and raised my level of literacy teaching to “highly-effective”. It is a joy to watch my kindergarten students squeal with delight as they practice the skills of readers and writers. I have been a teacher for 35 years and working with Literacy Partners enables me to increase the sense of magic and wonder in my balanced literacy program every day! Their deep understanding of the reading/writing connection is a gift that helps teachers build literacy programs where students love to read and write!

Jane Raphael
Wonderland Avenue Elementary School

Growing up as a bilingual child I despised writing with a passion. I was ashamed to share my writing & was always worried that stories didn’t make sense.
Working with Literacy Partners has been able to help me leap over my own insecurities and to FINALLY teach writing correctly. As a teacher I’ve learned to confer with students and work with what skills each student brings as a writer.

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After 3 years of having professional development with Literacy Partners, we have seen tremendous growth in our students. Students are excited to write & most importantly they take pride in sharing their stories. The children & teachers, continue to grow as writers using the workshop method. Thank you Literacy Partners![/expand]

Grace Ollerenshaw
Pacific Boulevard Elementary School

I have worked with Literacy Partners and Dahlia for the past two years in my role as curriculum coach/ coordinator but also as a teacher.  From the first conversation I had with Dahlia about the needs of our school and teachers, she made me feel like I was a friend or the teacher next door, rather than an educator I planned to hire for professional development.  Literacy Partners goes above and beyond, working closely with your staff to provide exactly what they need and curtailing the professional development to those needs. Dahlia is extensively trained but makes any teacher feel comfortable immediately, giving confidence to try new teaching practices with the tools he/ she needs in hand.  Literacy Partners pack so much into their PD days, you walk away as a teacher more than enthused to try them all. In the words of one our staff members, “I learned more in that day with Literacy Partners than I ever have at any workshop in all my years of teaching.

Deanne Phillips
Curriculum coach/coordinator
Ascension Lutheran School

The teachers at my school are experiencing a renaissance in their craft because of the implementation of Reading and Writing Workshop and the intelligent, insightful and humorous manner with which Dahlia Dallal engages staff members. Her comprehensive and robust structure of professional development that includes grade level lab sites, whole group PD and individual coaching sessions has allowed teachers to grow at their own pace while watching their students blossom under the watchful eye of Dahlia. What once used to be the teachers least favorite subject to teach, writing is now regularly celebrated with children excitedly reading their stories with each other, parents and publishing pieces on the school website. Literacy Partners is the gold standard for which I will measure all future professional development for my school. A huge Thank You!

Julia Charles
Former Principal
West Hollywood Elementary School

Working with Literacy Partners has completely changed the way I teach writing in my classroom.  Through their clear, practical, and energetic presentation of Writer’s Workshop materials and model lessons, I was able improve my practice the very next day!

Marca Whitten
Studio Middle School

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